The academic activity of the department was held by six full-time employees. Total of R&D was 41 thousand rubles in 1970. Topics of research have been formed in the Department of Automation and Telecontrol. They included industry of the optimal, self-adjustment and recognition systems (managers A.G. Ivakhnenko, V.N. Kuntsevich, V.I. Kostyuk). In 1954 research in area of extreme systems started, in 1968 - Means of optical information processing. The system of automatic regulation of drying chopped wood and devices with software for automation of the process of granulation metallurgical slag became significant achievements of the time. The system was implemented on Kostopolsk and Kiev plants and received the Diploma degree at the international exhibition "Lisderevmash-73".


In 1975, the Department already had approximately 200 employees with R&D total of 1 million 100 thousand rubles. Further expansion of subjects and increasing of the research were accompanied by improvement of the organizational structure of research teams.


In 1977 two branch laboratories were opened under direction of department head professor A.A. Krasnoproshina. In 1978 the problem laboratory of "Adaptive management process and fields" was made with help of Professor V.E. Kraskevych. Since 1985 B.V. Ignatenko became a director of the problem laboratory, and in 1990 it was reorganized into the department. At the Department of TC a range of the best specialists were formed, worked and transferred to other departments of KPI: Azhogin V.V., head of the department of ATP (Automation of Thermal Processes), Krasnoproshyna A.A., head of the department of AT (Automation and Telecontrol), then ACTS, Silvestrov A.M., head of the department of GE (General Electrical), A.S. Ostrovsky, head of the department of OD (Optical Devices), A.A. Pavlov, head of AEMS department (Automated Enterprise Management System), then ADPMS (Automated Data Processing and Management Systems), Kysylevskyy F.M., head of the department of Electric Welding Institute in Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


The expand of scientific research, the increase of their effectiveness and extent of use required further improvement of organizational forms. July 1, 1991 at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute on basis of the research sector of the Department of Technical Cybernetics established Scientific-Research Institute of System Technology.


The scientific school in the area of modeling complex systems was created based on scientific research performed in the direction of adaptive automated data processing systems, management of technological processes and robotic systems. 13 doctors and more than 110 candidates of technical sciences were taught.


Outstanding scientific achievements of employees of the department have been repeatedly praised with prizes and awards at various levels. In different years A.S. Ostrovsky, I. Rallyev, S. Shpit, O.P. Kots, J.P. Yurchenko were awarded with the USSR and the USSR medals. In 1986 the Republican Prize of Ostrovsky was awarded to M.V. Savkovu and N.M. Panchenko.


“Order of the Red Banner of Labor” was awarded to V.I. Kostiuk, "Honor" – P.I. Akinina, and the medal "For Labour Distinction" V.M. Alonkina-Pleshko. State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology in 1996 was awarded to V.I. Kostyuk, M.M. Tkach, M.M. Polishchuk and L.S. Yampolsky.


Currently staff of the TC department is the leading performers of the international program TEMPUS - TACIS INTERNET (creation in KPI high-speed optical network, which includes more than 2,000 technology-based PCs ATM (V = 155 Megabytes per second) of the NATO program for creation of the Ukrainian Scientific and educational network URAN. The Department cooperates with KOTC AT, which is a system integrator of the creation and implementation of information technologies in government and commercial organizations using the equipment of worldwide companies Lucent Technologies, Philips, ASCOM, Bay Networks, Compaq, TANDEM, Gateway 2000, ALR and other leading producers of communications, computing, system and application software.

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