Department of Technical Cybernetics of NTUU “KPI” was created in 1969 in order to organize the first training center for specialists in Automated Control Systems in Ukraine. Vsevolod Ivanovich Kostyuk, a graduate of Department of Automation and telecontrol of KPI in 1954, headed the department. The Department has begun training of system engineers by specialty "Automated Control Systems" (ACS) since the first year of existence. First accelerated graduation of engineers by specialty ASC (23 pers.) was in 1973. There were more than a thousand specialists totally graduated in ACS in different forms of training. In 1978 new department "Automated production control systems" was separated from TC department.


Along with the formulation of new theoretical courses, publication of textbooks for the specialty ASC laboratory facilities with a wide usage of computers for modeling, optimization, computer-aided design, data processing and management was created. Training course "Optimal and adaptive system" (firstly taught by V.I. Kostyuk in 1969-1970) has been constantly improving based on research results. These results are reflected in a series of monographs, awarded a prize KPI in 1975. (by V.I. Kostyuk, A.G. Kiku, V.E. Kraskevych, A.M. Silvestrov, S.V. Shpit).


Educational materials for this course were created by V.I. Kostyuk, V.M. Kyrychkov, O.A. Stenin, V.N. Ignatenko. Universal laboratory stands for the course "Theory of automatic control" and guidance for them, were created by Shpit S.V. They were exhibited at the international, union and republican exhibitions and awarded with medals and diplomas.


Since 1979 the Department of TC began training students in a new direction - in "Robotic Systems" for the first time in Ukraine, and since 1980 based on this specialty “Robotic systems in machinery and equipment”, “Control RTS” have been introduced as new specializations. In 1981 the first admission of specialty "Robotic Systems" has been held.


Since 1984 37 monographs, textbooks and training manuals on Robotics has been released (authors: V.I. Kostyuk, Yampolsky L.S., Calin O.M, Tkach M.M, Polishchuk M.M. and others). A series of textbooks on Robotics, created by V.I. Kostyuk, L. Yampolsky, M. Polishchuk, M. Tkach was awarded with the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology in 1996. V.I. Kostyuk and V.S. Nedavniy awarded with the first prize, the second prize - G.A. Kozlakova at USSR Ministry of Higher Education competition of textbooks for self-study courses in Ukrainian. A computer textbook "Theory of automatic control" was prepared by Shpit S.V. for the 100th anniversary of NTU KPI.


Since 1994, the Department of TC trains bachelors, masters and specialists in the area "Computer aided systems, automation and control" by specialties "Computer aided integrated systems and robotics" and "Intelligent Integrated Systems", and since 1997 admission of students in specialty "Flexible computer aided systems and robotics" has begun.

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