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If we ask someone about his student life, probably the first thing that comes to his mind is definitely not the fifth pairs in the large audiences. Everyone will remember chat with friends, incredible discoveries and the biggest surprises.It has always  been and will be that we are the creators of our life and our future, it refers not only to our careers, family planning, but also to our free time. Knowledges are very important but it’s also very important to be able to relax. Constant thirst of something is very exhausting, so we need to find time to relax.

We present "this time" to ourselves and your friends. It is said that FICT is one of the most difficult faculties, but it does not mean that you need forget about his life and study all days and nights. You can study resting and relax during their studies.

1. Miss and Mister FICT

Let's start with beautiful. Every year in our faculty is held Miss and Mister of the faculty, where the most beautiful, intelligent, talented and most-most-most guys  tries to prove that they are the best, but you must be very brave to decide to do it. To reach the end you need to go through a lot of tests and encounter with many obstacles.


Mr. Alexander Bidyuk FICT is 2015

This year Miss faculty was held interactively so many people were interested in this.


Miss FICT is 2014. Rewarding.


2. IT-Sports day

Another incredible event in our department is IT-Games. This event has been held for 4 years and is becoming more popular. Here you can check and your brain and physical training. You will have to exert your crinkles when you write a program to solve the problem, you are given, include all your skill to focus and build a strategy when you play cs (map of our building №18),  check your accurate eye and you are abilities to control your own hands, when you have to throw the mouse in a box from a distance and to learn what a well-trained memory you have, when you have to crimp the cable.

Tournament CS. The uniqueness of the game is to єtih map.

The team of organizers. Tournament CS and interested audience.

Group photo of the organizers.


3. Battle of the faculties

Very large-scale event at the level of the university is the "Battle of the faculties," where everyone who takes part in this struggle, laid out in full in order to prove that his faculty is the best. It takes a lot of time to train, but it's worth it. "Battle of the faculties" is held in three stages: creative, intelligent and athletic, which makes it possible for people with not very good physical preparation, or those who do not really think quickly show their best side.


One big family that seeks to victory.


The team of creative stage "Battle of faculties 2015"

Fans with the flag FICT


And lastly ...

Not always we work on  the whole  KPI. We have measures that we hold especially for people who are study  at our faculty (it does not mean that we do not invite your friends, if they are from another faculty, we always look forward to them, only tssssshhhhhh), namely, darts, poker, guitar evening freshmens’ time, bowling and others.

The first thing that a person visits when ingested into adulthood - "Freshmens’ time"


Freshmans’ Day 2015 FIVT rest


Few photos from the contest Wink



Championships for the brain and muscles:

Mafia Championship FICT  2015



FICT Bowling  Championship 2014

Our guys are not only smart, but also very good at playing musical instruments.


Guitar evening


Student inspiration will continue ...

Each "techies"  is a little humanities. The team won the boys brain-ring, organized for the 200th anniversary of the birth of TG Shevchenko.


Team of the winners

We are always excited and glad all for you to try! Cool

... Continue to be interesting  Tongue out

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