The Department is one of the participants in the EU-PC "Double Degree Master Program in Automation / Mechatronics" (Tempus-1-2011-1-CZ-Tempus-JPCR EU-PC) project on the implementation of double master's degree programs in automation / mechatronics in EU countries - partner countries.

The project is in line with the principles of the Bologna process which aims at creating an European Area for Higher Education through a common new degree system, a European dimension to quality assurance and the recognition of degrees and study periods abroad.

Project wider objective is to harmonize the Russian and Ukrainian engineering education with the EU one and provide mutual degree recognition through development and introduction the Double Degree Master Program in Automation/Mechatronics.

Project specific objective is to harmonize the RU and UA Master Programs in direction "Automation" with the EU Master Programs in Mechatronics and provide students of four Russian and four Ukrainian Universities with the opportunity to study the Joint EU-PC Master Program in Automation/Mechatronics both in the Russian/Ukrainian and EU Universities since September 2013 and to obtain Double Master Degree: the Russian/Ukrainian Master degree in Automation and Master Degree of one of the EU States participated in the project, for example of the Czech Republic, in Mechatronics.

Teachers of the Department, according to the timetable of the "Tempus-1-2011-1-CZ-Tempus-JPCR EU-PC", "EU-PC Double Degree Master Program in Automation / Mechatronics", carried out business trips to the universities of Europe:

The staff of the department are leading executives of the international program "TEMPUS TACIS INTERNET" for the creation of the university corporate network within the framework of the Ukrainian scientific and educational project URAN.

Tempus Tacis is a European Union program aimed at promoting the development of higher education systems in the newly independent states of the former USSR and Mongolia.

Tempus Networking Projects are intended to contribute to the following goals:

  • disseminating results and best practices, especially those achieved in Tempus projects
  • creation of national and international university networks
  • strengthening regional cooperation
  • pursuing higher education reform in a particular subject area


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