Pre practices

Pregraduation practice is held according to the curriculum of Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science of NTU “KPI”.

Students should agree a place of practice with the head of department on practice issues in the room 408 build.18.

Those students who will pass practice in other organizations (except of KPI) need to sign individual contracts and agree Work Program of their practice. Agreement (2 copies) must be signed with stamp in companies and institutions of the practice, and given to the room 408 build.18.

Students should attend the company of practice on September 1st with such documents:

  1. The contract (signed by both KPI and company)
  2. Practice Journal

Until 15th of September students should write an application statement to the head of TC department. Statement should include the topic of diploma project and be signed by the diploma supervisor of TC department and student.

During practice students must make a report of practice, fill journal of practice, and get feedback from the company manager with the recommended mark. Practice manager signs the first page of journal, individual tasks of practice and review with a recommended mark. The practice report should be made by student according to practice program and individual task.

The dates of entry and closure should be marked in the journal as well as signatures and seals of the company where the internship took place.

For credit of practice student should have:

  1. Practice Report
  2. Practice Journal
  3. Technical Documentation for the diploma project.

Certificate files about passing practice (download)

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