REPORT on mission to Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria



Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

since 30.03.2013 till 14.04.2013

on mission to Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

from National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” representatives.

According to  “Tempus-1-2011-1-CZ-Tempus-JPCR EU-PC”, "EU- PC Double Degree Master Program in Automation / Mechatronics" program accomplishment schedule a group of employees from National Technical University “KPI” visited Technical University of Sofia since 30.03.2013 till 14.04.2013.

Goal of the visit: learning the experience of different technical laboratories usage for organizing complex study process on “Automation - Mechatronics - Robotics” direction at Technical University of Sofia, and leading final discussion on curricula, students mobility contract, and  appropriate “Double Degree Master Program in Automation / Mechatronics for EU and partner countries” project implementation documents signing.

Short contents:

1. Conference opening and keynote speech from Lubomir Dimitrov, dean of Mechanical Engineering faculty at Technical University of Sofia.

2. Thematic laboratories visiting: automation and assembling laboratory, virtual reality laboratory, mechatronics systems laboratory, split-second measurements laboratory with Ivo Malakov, head of Automation of Discrete production department. Acquaintance with technical resources of mechatronics equipment at Technical University of Sofia in general and Mechanical Engineering faculty in particular.

3. “Mechatronics and intelligent manufacturing systems” presentation by Todor Neshkov. Also discussions on Technical University of Sofia, Ukrainian and Russian universities double degree masters training curricula bottlenecks were held.

4. Technical equipment analysis of several laboratories used for masters training in “Automation - Mechatronics - Robotics” at Technical University of Sofia was performed.

5. As a conclusion for the visit, a meeting with Technical University of Sofia took place for signing contracts and curricula of Ukraine, Russia and Bulgaria, which allow to implement a possibility for students to learn in terms of double degree master program in “Mechatronics”.

The most important events during mobility:

1. Thematic laboratories visits.

2. Curricula bottlenecks arrangement.

3. Collaboration contracts signing.

Least important events during mobility:

1. Robotics olympiad which took place at the time of visit at Technical University of Sofia.

2. Visiting students’ hostels.

3. Discussion of language barrier (a need for English language knowledge).

Benefits that were received by participants:

1. A contract was signed.

2. Cooperative curricula was signed.

3. A list of obligatory documents for Ukrainian and Russian students is defined for starting studies at Technical University of Sofia.

Arrangements organization evaluation (from 1 to 5, where 5 - the best), comments:

General marl - 5

Arrangements organization – 5.

TU of Sofia, Russian and Ukrainian speakers background – 5.

Accommodation conditions – 5.

What could be done better (logistics)?

Visit time scales should be reduced to 1 week.

Conclusions and recommendations for further stages of project implementation:

Subjects that require methodological and laboratory works materials must be prepared as contracts and curricula were signed. A general list of laboratory stands for all universities has to be prepared for implementing practical tasks.

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